Full dental care rarely requires only one treatment. Which is why, at Richard Bruce D.D.S., we are continually working to keep our services and procedures up to date. We want to provide you with the best, most specialized treatments. You really do deserve top quality care.

Preventative Care

Chester County, PA Dentist

One of the most common services provided at Richard Bruce D.D.S. is preventative care. This most often includes check-ups, cleanings, and dental imaging. If you complete routine dental visits twice a year we can work together to prevent most, if not all, oral health problems that might occur.

Dental Bonding and Fillings

Dental bonding is often used to repair decayed, chipped or cracked teeth, and minor cosmetic problems.

Teeth Whitening

At Richard Bruce D.D.S. we provide two treatments to whiten teeth. The first is in-office bleaching. This is a quick procedure that is completed in about an hour with immediate results. During our office treatment we make personalized whitening trays you can then use at home, which is the second method. You take not only your personalized trays, but also a syringe full of a professional bleaching solution. To touch up your teeth all you do is fill the trays with the solution and wear them for one hour. After two weeks you will see a noticeable difference in the brightness of your smile.


This is a less invasive way of correcting tooth, shape, size, or color, by replacing a thin layer with porcelain. The purpose of this treatment is mostly aesthetic, but also provides some protection to the surface of a tooth.

Inlays and Onlays

When a tooth is too damaged for a standard filling, but not damaged enough to need a full crown, Dr. Bruce uses inlays or onlays. An inlay is used between the cusps located in the middle of a tooth. An onlay is used to cover the entire biting surface. Inlays and onlays are usually made of porcelain, fitted into the decayed area of a tooth, and bonded in place.


CEREC/Porcelain crowns at Richard Bruce D.D.S. are one of the best, most aesthetic ways to fix badly broken or decayed teeth. A crown completely covers all visible surfaces of a tooth. With the aid of the CEREC machine, a special computer used for dental restorations, we can restore your damaged tooth in just a single in-office visit. These are not the silver dental fillings of old, but are natural tooth-colored ceramic restorations. They are durable, more resilient to staining, and look completely natural. What is best about our crowns? The CEREC procedure requires fewer injections, less drilling, and less time spent in the dentist chair.


When a tooth cannot be saved by any other method, then it is time for a dental implant. For this surgical procedure, the decayed or destroyed tooth is completely removed. The surgeon replaces the root of the natural tooth with a titanium screw and then Dr. Bruce tops it with a dental crown.


A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and supporting tissues. Both partial and complete dentures are available in our dental office to either replace all your teeth, or only some of the teeth when natural teeth remain.

If you are interested in learning more about one or more of our provided dental services, please contact us.